About Us

Teach English Global is an education recruitment company founded by teachers for teachers. Our aim is simple; we want to help teachers from all backgrounds find the best opportunities available to them in China! We work closely with Language Schools, Kindergartens, Public Schools, Private Schools and International Schools across the country. At Teach English Global, our policy is to only partner with schools that have a top-quality reputation and offer their teachers a fair remuneration package. This is to ensure that every teacher we help has the optimal experience during their time in China. All the schools we work with require our assistance in finding the best teachers possible for them, which means that the helpful service we provide to all of our teachers is completely free of charge!

“Teach English Global has gone above and beyond for me. Looking for a teaching job in Beijing during a pandemic seemed like an impossible task, but Dan truly made it possible. I briefly sought out other recruitment companies, but none of them were as kind, insightful, or deliberate as Teach English Global. Dan has helped me every step of the way, from finding the best school for me, the interview process, all the way to the visa process. He was excited to answer my questions and hear updates, and I could tell that he cared about helping me through this process. I enthusiastically recommend Teach English Global to anyone who is looking to teach English in China!”

Autumn (USA) - Teaching in Beijing

“Teach English Global was the first and only recruiter I used to get to China. I was genuinely surprised at how attentive, helpful and knowledgeable Dan has been from the beginning of my search for a teaching job. I’ve never taught before, so Dan helped tailor my CV and build my confidence to succeed in interviews. There were a lot of steps involved to get me to Guangzhou, and Dan expertly guided me through each one. Even though there were multiple setbacks along the way, Dan kept me motivated throughout the entire process. I recommend using Teach English Global for Dan’s personal and well-connected services. He turned a complete pipe-dream into reality for me!”

Louis (UK) - Teaching in Guangzhou

“During what was my hardest time in China, when I was trying to navigate finding a new teaching position before my visa expired, Dan at Teach English Global was my saviour! Dan is amazing, he was extremely attentive to my personal situation, and he listened carefully so that he could match me up with a school that met my requirements. The support, patience and understanding that I received from Dan went above and beyond what I expected! If you’re looking for a new teaching position and want the help of a recruiter, then Teach English Global is the one you need on your side!”

Mpumi (South Africa) - Teaching in Shenzhen

“We cannot recommend Teach English Global enough! Dan has coached us through every aspect of the application process; from tailoring our CVs for specific roles to explaining the lengthy and ever-changing pandemic visa process. We thought that securing roles in the same school would be an extra hurdle to manage but Dan expertly mediated with schools in China on our behalf, ensuring that all our needs were met. If you’re thinking about embarking on a new adventure teaching in China, the process could not be easier with Teach English Global.”

Katie & Georgie (UK) - Teaching in Shanghai

“I contacted Teach English Global after arriving in Shanghai and deciding I would like to teach English. I was quite nervous since I had never taught in a school setting before, but Dan told me what to expect and encouraged me that I would make a great teacher. The process moved quickly and Dan was helpful with every step. He found me a well-suited position with a beautiful school that I love! I’m not sure I would have taken the leap to teach in China if it wasn’t for Dan’s guidance and encouragement. I highly recommend Teach English Global!”

Amber (USA) - Teaching in Shanghai

“Finding a job while you are in China is somewhat easy, but finding a job that caters to your individual needs as a teacher is extremely difficult. I’ve had three jobs since I first landed in China, so I’ve dealt with many recruiters, agencies and schools. However, working with Dan from Teach English Global was an absolute pleasure! He managed to get me an offer that I’m very happy with, and helped me to negotiate with my school the terms and conditions I was looking for. Dan made me very comfortable, and even without his physical presence he made sure that we communicated regularly and helped me transition into my new role! Thank you so much Teach English Global!”

Kea (South Africa) - Teaching in Shenzhen

“Towards the end of my time studying at university in China, I was determined to find an English teaching job so that I could remain in the country. However, the pandemic then hit, and I was suddenly stuck outside with it proving difficult to return. With regulations constantly changing and companies shutting down, I worried if I’d ever get myself back out to China…… enter Dan from Teach English Global. I was recommended Dan by a friend who had used his help to find a teaching position, so I thought reaching out to him was worth a shot – it ended up being one of the best ideas I’ve ever had! Dan has managed to get me back into China, in my preferred city (Beijing), working at a brilliant school! Throughout the entire process, he has been kind, honest, a great laugh, and super helpful in answering my many questions and messages! Whenever there was an update (good or bad), he would instantly let me know, and then help me accordingly. When my time came to enter China from the UK, he was extremely informative on all rules and regulations, as well as ensuring I had everything required in order to successfully enter the country. I really don’t think I could have got back into China without him and his company, and I really don’t think I can ever thank him fully for everything!”

Nicola (UK) - Teaching in Beijing

“When I first spoke to Dan at Teach English Global I was fresh out of my TEFL course with no real teaching experience and no idea how to find work in a foreign country. I first spoke to Dan on a Monday morning and had a job offer in hand literally one week later on the following Monday. Four months after my first communication with Dan I had an excellent job teaching in Shenzhen. Dan helped me through the visa process, helped me arrange my flight, and talked me through the first few weeks in China. I would not be where I am today without his help.”

Brandon (USA) - Teaching in Shenzhen

“We could not have found our brilliant new jobs in Shenzhen without Teach English Global. For us, good communication is very important, and the communication we had with Dan throughout the entire process was amazing! He was professional, supportive, and negotiated with our kindergarten to help us get great offers. If we had any questions, he was there to answer them, and if he didn’t know the answer he’d find out for us. At times when we freaked out or felt stressed, he stayed calm and made sure we stayed calm as well. We could not have asked for better service, and would highly recommend Teach English Global to anyone who is looking for a new teaching position in China!”

Ben & Dineen (South Africa) - Teaching in Shenzhen

“When I first looked at getting a job in China, it seemed like a very distant possibility, especially in view of the global situation. Fortunately, I had Dan to help me along every step of the way. He negotiated on my behalf with the school, even managing to get me a higher salary than I had expected. He then helped me through every subsequent stage of getting my new job, as well as every stage of the visa application process. He has also helped with me getting a flight to China, which at the moment remains to be much trickier than usual. I now have my visa, my job, and have arrived in China ready to start my new job and life! Thank you, Dan!”

Patrick (UK) - Teaching in Beijing
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How Our Process Works

1. Apply

If you’re interested in teaching in China then we’re here to help! To get the process started, please fill in our application form and upload your CV.


2. Contact

After you apply a member of our team will contact you to arrange a call. On this call, we’ll ask you a few questions about yourself and find out exactly what type of teaching position you’re looking for. We’ll also answer any questions you have about teaching in China.

3. Discuss Opportunities

Following our initial call, we’ll then discuss with you in detail some of the opportunities we have that match your teaching and location preferences. We’ll then submit your application to any of the opportunities that you’re interested in.

4. Interview

If your application is successful, you’ll be invited to interview directly with the school. We’ll introduce you, arrange the interview, and help you prepare for any questions you’re likely to face. If the school requires a demo lesson, then we’ll help with this too!

5. Job Offer & Acceptance

If you’re successful during the interview stage, then you’ll be made an offer by the school! We’ll read over your contract with you, help you negotiate anything you’re not happy with, and make sure you’re fully content before you officially accept the offer.

6. Visa & On-Boarding

Finally, we’ll guide you through the entire visa process, and be there to answer any questions you may have before flying out. We’ll also be on hand to help when you first arrive in China, ensuring your first couple of months in the country go as planned.