EPIK (English Program in Korea) is one of the most popular teaching programs in Asia, and since its creation, over 25 years ago it has enabled thousands of English teachers to fulfil their dream of teaching overseas! In this blog post, we outline exactly what EPIK is, what the salary and benefits a teacher can expect to receive are, and what the requirements are. We’ll also cover in detail how the EPIK application process works, as well as give you some tips that can help you succeed along the way and increase your chances of being offered a position by EPIK, should you choose to apply!

What is EPIK?


EPIK is a public school English teaching program in South Korea that is sponsored by the Korean government. First established in 1995, the program was introduced in order to improve the English speaking abilities of Korean students, introduce new teaching methods into the Korean education system, and develop cultural exchanges between South Korea and other countries. EPIK offers TEFL qualified teachers an amazing opportunity to teach English in South Korea, and each year places around 1,500 teachers in public schools throughout the country! 

School Type: Korean public schools (elementary, middle, high school) 

Location: Spanning across all of South Korea

Starting Date: Spring / Fall

Working Hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm 

Salary & Benefits

  • Salary – 2.0 – 2.7 million KRW per month (depending on qualifications and teaching experience)
  • Fully furnished single housing/apartment
  • Vacation: 18 days & national holiday (approximately 11- 15 days per year)
  • Severance payment
  • National pension
  • Health insurance 
  • Flight ticket to South Korea
  • EPIK orientation
  • Entry & exit allowance – 1,300,000 KRW


  • Bachelor’s degree 
  • TEFL certificate 
  • Native English speaker (Must hold a passport from AUS, CAN, IRE, NZ, SA, the UK or
    the USA)
  • Clean criminal record

EPIK Application Process

Step 1 – Apply Now

If you’re interested in teaching English in South Korea through EPIK then the first stage is to Apply Now via the Teach English Global website. A member of our team will assess your initial application, and if you meet the requirements outlined above then we’ll help you begin your official EPIK application.

Step 2 – Initial EPIK Application

If you meet the EPIK requirements then you’ll be invited to fill out an official EPIK application. This application is quite lengthy compared to a lot of other teaching applications. Teachers are required to provide their details, complete a personal essay, and provide a lesson plan.

Personal Essay

You’ll be required to complete a personal essay describing your own teaching philosophy. To succeed with this section of the application it is advised that you do the following with your essay:

  • Make it specific
  • Avoid jargon and technical terms
  • Be sincere and unique
  • Be humble

Lesson Plan

You’ll also be asked to create a lesson plan based on specific material that is provided. It is advised that your lesson plan follows a clear structure, your lesson is as interactive as possible, and you use visual aids when necessary throughout.

Step 3 – Prepare Documents

Once you’ve submitted your initial EPIK application, it’s then recommended that you begin to prepare certain documents that’ll be required later on in the process. The first documents that you must prepare are two recommendation letters, from a former employer or academic advisor. These recommendation letters must follow a certain format and have either ink or digital signatures at the bottom. Further information about this will be provided during your initial EPIK application. It’s also advised that you begin to prepare all documentation needed for the Korean E2 visa – which you will apply for if offered a position. A full overview of what documents are required for this can be found here – South Korean E2 Visa Guide.

Step 4 – EPIK Interview

If your initial application is successful then you’ll be invited for your official EPIK interview. This will typically be a video interview, and be roughly one hour long. You’ll be asked a range of competency questions, as well as questions relating to your passion for teaching and desire to teach in Korea. 

Step 5 – Placement

If successful during the interview process, and if your recommendation letters are provided in time, you’ll be offered a teaching position with EPIK!

Step 6 – E2 Visa Process

After you officially accept your offer with EPIK you’ll then begin the Korean E2 visa process, a full overview of which can be read on our South Korean E2 Visa Guide.

Step 7 – Enter Korea / EPIK Orientation

Once your visa has been processed then you’ll enter Korea and be welcomed by the EPIK team. During your first few days in the country, you’ll undergo your EPIK orientation, where you’ll be introduced to life in Korea, and prepared for your life as an English teacher!

Step 8 – Start at School

Following on from your orientation and introduction to Korea, you’ll then officially start teaching in your assigned school and begin your EPIK contract!

If after reading this blog post you’re interested in EPIK and feel that this program aligns with what you’re looking for, then please Apply Now and a member of our team here at Teach English Global will contact you to discuss things further!