Entering China Through Hong Kong

On average, the Chinese visa process takes around 6-9 weeks, with several factors influencing how quickly teachers can obtain their Z visa and enter the country. This timeframe has reduced [...]

Entering China Through Hong Kong2024-02-07T11:05:35+00:00

China Joins The Hague Apostille Convention

In a significant development on November 7th, 2023, China officially became a member of The Hague Apostille Convention, marking a momentous shift in the document authentication process for individuals looking [...]

China Joins The Hague Apostille Convention2024-02-07T11:02:37+00:00

What to Prepare Before Moving to China

The time has finally come. You’ve accepted a teaching position in China, completed the lengthy visa process, booked your flight, and you’re now waiting to depart and start your new [...]

What to Prepare Before Moving to China2024-03-22T11:13:56+00:00

Teaching in China in 2023

Over the last three years, moving to China to teach has been somewhat complicated, to say the least! Covid has caused extreme difficulties in obtaining work visas and has meant [...]

Teaching in China in 20232023-11-23T05:02:49+00:00

Using a VPN in China

You may have heard that the internet in China is censored, meaning the vast majority of the popular websites and apps that you’re accustomed to browsing daily, such as Facebook, [...]

Using a VPN in China2024-03-01T10:28:01+00:00
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