This school is a private language training centre in Yueyang, Hunan. Since its founding in 2015, they have gained a reputation as a school committed to providing students with the best English education possible, and they are now considered one of the highest-performing schools in Yueyang. They have achieved their reputation by focusing on small class sizes, maintaining a faculty of qualified and professional teachers, and giving their students the regular attention they need to practice the English language.

China’s formal education system is famous for its intensity so, as an extracurricular learning centre, they are mindful to ensure that each student’s experience is as fun and engaging as possible by using creative exercises, games, and diverse media so that they remain passionate about learning English. In addition to learning about the English language, they also give their students a taste of Western culture by holding parties for festivals such as Christmas and Halloween. They also organise trips abroad where their students have the opportunity to tour English-speaking countries and attended classes in schools there.

As a new, small school that is growing, you will have the feeling of being part of a close team and will be able to clearly see the difference that you will make for your students and for the school as a whole. If you are planning to work in China for a longer period, there will be the chance to join this school’s journey of expansion with independent management roles and cooperative investment opportunities.


  • Be responsible for teaching spoken English, focusing on fluency and pronunciation.
  • Create a native English-speaking environment where students can feel comfortable developing their conversational speaking skills and increase their fluency.
  • Prepare for your lessons by producing lesson plans and teaching materials (such as PowerPoint presentations and flashcards).


  • Five days a week (three weekdays and Sat/Sun), with two consecutive days off on weekdays
  • 35 hours a week (20 teaching hours and 15 office hours)

Salary & Benefits

  • Salary – 15,000 – 21,000RMB per month
  • Free accommodation provided
  • 45 days paid holiday per year
  • Annual flight allowance – 7,000RMB
  • Health insurance
  • Chinese Z visa provided


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • TEFL certificate
  • Native English speaker – Must hold a passport from AUS, CAN, IRE, NZ, SA, UK, or USA
  • Clean criminal record

To apply for this job email your details to info@teachenglishglobal.com.