School Testimonials

“I would highly recommend using Teach English Global if your school is searching for new teachers. Over the last two years, I have worked very closely with Dan and received many great teachers from him that are now working at our school. Dan was a former teacher himself and is able to build solid relationships with all of the teachers he recommends to us. He arranges the interviews, assists with all communications, and then helps greatly throughout the visa process – making things so much easier for us!”

Jerry (HR Manager) - Training Centre in Beijing

“It has been a joyful experience to work with Teach English Global. Their clear and supportive communication provided throughout the recruitment process has been extremely helpful to both our school and the teachers they provided to us. I would gladly refer Teach English Global to any other schools in need of recruitment assistance!”

Celine (HR Manager) - Private Bilingual School in Shanghai

“Dan at Teach English Global is great to work with! He offers candidates that match our school’s needs well. We most appreciate how he supports teachers through the interview process, helping ensure they know all about our school and get all questions answered before choosing to sign with us. We have been very happy with the professionalism and ease of working with Teach English Global!”

Laura (Director) - Kindergarten in Shenzhen

“The service provided by Teach English Global has been very supportive in assisting our school in the teacher recruitment process.  The level of communication with them has been excellent, and they have helped to facilitate all of the necessary actions with possible candidates.  I would recommend any school in China to partner with TEG to support in finding quality teachers!”

Ryan (Head of School) - International School in Ningbo

“Working with Dan at Teach English Global has been a very unique and pleasurable experience! His recruitment process is thorough and professional in all aspects (candidate selection, feedback, coaching, and ongoing support). As a result, we now have several excellent teachers working for us, who were introduced by Dan. Aside from the business elements, he is also great at building friendly connections with all related parties, which has helped make our working relationship such a success!”

Candy (Manager) - Kindergarten in Shanghai

“Since we started working with TEG to help us with our teacher recruitment, our partnership has been smooth and tacit. Dan fully resonates with our needs as his client, and as a result, he and his team are able to recommend teachers that are a perfect fit for our school. In short, our co-operation with TEG has been professional and enjoyable! We look forward to continuing our partnership in the future!”

Vicky (HR Manager) - Training Centre in Shanghai

“Our experience of cooperating with Teach English Global over the last two years has been brilliant! Dan is extremely professional and does his utmost to make sure that our communication with candidates is efficient and clear. Most of the candidates that Dan sends to us are ideal for our school, showing that he fully understands our requirements. I would recommend any school that is searching for teachers to use the services of Teach English Global!”

Sookie (Recruitment Manager) - Training Centre in Beijing

“We have been very impressed by Teach English Global’s dedication to placing teachers in our school, and we are confident in the quality of their vetting procedures. Throughout the hiring process, Dan is always in close communication with us and works hard to ensure we find candidates that will be the best fit for our school.”

Josh (Director) - Training Centre in Yueyang

“The guys at TEG are highly professional and well-able to deliver on their promises. They provide us with a structured and adaptable recruitment process, which combined with their 24/7 support guarantees us a steady stream of high-quality teachers. Over the years we’ve been working with TEG they’ve never once let us down. Highly recommend!”

Fred (Director) - Training Centre in Beijing